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  • A Year To Remember: An Update On Our Acquisition

    Taking care of our customers, treating people well, innovation and producing quality rescue gear that makes rescues safer and faster for those being rescued, and the rescuers. That has been our focus for decades, and will continue to be our focus. Frankly, that list reflects why the acquisition of Cascade Rescue Company by Harken Industrial made a lot of sense. And, guess what? We’re at the one-year mark! Yes, February 1st marked the anniversary of the acquisition. And, let’s just say it has been a year filled with great things, despite the great majority of the year being a pandemic.

    Why We Joined Harken Industrial

    A like-minded philosophy is important in any relationship, and beyond important in an acquisition type scenario. As talks got deeper with the Harken Industrial team, we learned just how much of a “like-minded” philosophy we shared. Taking care of customers and exceeding their expectations, making the best products possible at a fair price, treating our people well and never forgetting the difference between right and wrong. Both companies shared this philosophy, and still do today. These premises, by the way, were tested countless times over the past year due to the strain and stress of the global pandemic that took its toll on so many people worldwide. The team at Harken Industrial have been there for us, and our customers, every step of the way. Although its probably not the best way to start a partnership, living through that chaos with a strong partner offers a lot of reassurance.

    A Few Accomplishments From The Past Year

    It’s only been 365 days, but a lot has happened in that time frame – a lot of positive things that directly benefit our customers. For starters, our manufacturing and engineering capabilities have expanded, which has allowed us to bring new products to the market faster…. without skimping on quality. For example, we recently launched the Cascade Rescue Hang Glider, which is a compact version of our Cable Glider and is ideal for more complex scenarios where the evacuee requires a lot of assistance from a rescuer.

    In addition, our International reach has expanded. We are now able to leverage the Harken Distributor Network, and our counterparts in Italy are spearheading the efforts to attain CE marking in the EU. This all translates into being able to support more rescuers throughout the globe, handle their jobs more efficiently, while staying safe. We’ve also been able to add two new Canadian distributors, T’NT Work & Rescue and Groupe Montagne Explore’s (GME). These two distributors enable us to offer more support in Canada where snow seems abundant and people flock to the outdoors for the plentiful ski hills.

    We’ve also expanded our aerial rescue training offerings through our sister company, Elevated Safety. Elevated Safety, acquired by Harken Industrial in 2018, is comprised of seasoned SPRAT, rope access, rope rescue, tower rescue and back-country rescue trainers (and they also live and breathe rescue scenarios daily). They’ve been supporting the rescue community for years, and have recently expanded West with a complete rope access training facility near Denver, Colorado. The Colorado team offers a variety of SPRAT and back-country rescue trainings, as well as leads aerial evacuation training.

    The year 2020 also included the completion of the Aerial Evacuation Resource Guide. This updated Guide is a joint-effort between the NSAA, Cascade Rescue Company and numerous leaders in the work-at-height field. Potentially a bit overdue, but the Guide was worth the wait. It serves as the outline for aerial evacuation training curriculum, and is destined to become a key industry resource for aerial evacuation teams.

    As if this weren’t enough: Harken took a monumental step forward in employee stewardship and became an Employee-Owned company (ESOP). Every Harken employee is now an owner of the company. We expect 2021 to be a year of continued excellence in customer service and responsiveness as our “owners” step into their new roles.

    What’s Next?

    Although we are happy to be looking at 2020 in the rear-view mirror, we also can look upon it fondly. While challenging at times, we know that the year helped us set a positive direction for the years to come. We’re poised for growth, are continuing to innovate and design new products based on rescuer need, and continue to be ready to serve our customers and the industry…backed by a bit more horsepower.

    Here's to the next year…or ten….or fifty!

  • Unexpected Demand Driven By COVID 19

    Ski Area RescueIt is no surprise that COVID 19 thrust unexpected challenges upon our industry. One of those surprises, for us, has been the unbelievable demand for our products. We momentarily struggled to understand this phenomenon. It wasn't long before patrollers, search and rescue teams, and others that are routinely engaged in rescue painted a clear picture for us. Driven by social isolation, many of us turned to the great outdoors as an escape from a world turned upside down. This mass exodus from urban areas is placing huge stress on teams around the world as they struggle to help more people than normal, many of them with very little knowledge of outdoor safety and survival skills. We are humbled by the extraordinary efforts we have seen of so many rescuers during this time and are greatly appreciative of their efforts.

    Here at Cascade Rescue, we are experiencing this same phenomenon again. In late March of 2020, you could have heard a pin drop here. We weren't overly concerned. We had plenty of raw materials and a team of great people, and set about our normal day of building product in preparation for summer needs. By the end of April, our world was also turned upside down and we were overwhelmed with orders from teams in the field trying to stay on top of an ever-evolving situation. We've been drinking from a fire hose ever since. I mention this only as a heads up. Throughout the summer we ran out and were back-ordered on litterstrail wheels, and many other products for remote rescue. That remains the case today, although we are catching up.

    Now we are seeing the same issue with tobogganssplints, and other products used at ski areas and other winter venues. We still have a dwindling supply of tobogganswrap splintspatient protectors and many COVID resistant products, and are shipping as fast as we can make them. 

    If your immediate needs include the addition of toboggans, we recommend you contact us now. If you anticipate additional needs for summer operations we also recommend placing those orders as soon as possible as we will be filling those orders on a first-come basis.

  • Customer Testiomonial: Tamarack Resort

    Thanks so much for equipping us with the latest in aerial evacuation equipment. As you know, Tamarack Resort is a fast-growing, All-Season Resort in Central Idaho that is rapidly becoming a popular destination. Not only for our exceptional real estate opportunities, but for our amazing slopes as well. Let me tell you, our ski area keeps us busy!

    In addition to the exceptional everyday snow sports we have here, we also have many benefits of being a resident of the Resort. One of these homeowner perks are special after-hours events. These events require uploading and downloading of customers including many non-snow sports enthusiasts on at least one of our detachable lifts. Our staff has been challenged with developing lift evacuation solutions and protocols to safely mitigate not only night lift evacuation but many other unforeseen circumstances.

    We recently purchased two Cascade Rescue Hang Gliders along with all gear necessary to outfit two aerial rescuers. The Hang Gliders are absolutely something to be proud of from engineering to fabrication standpoint, resulting in a device that provides the ultimate in safety for our staff and customers. You personally made the process easy with your patience and expertise. Shortly after our rescue equipment arrived, we scheduled on site training with your team. Ted from Cascade and Joe from your sister company Elevated Safety. Their expertise and experience were paramount, ensuring that we learned correct processes and procedures all the while emphasizing compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards and best practices for working at height. We will continue to do business with Cascade Rescue and I personally look forward to talking with you again soon.

    Eric Gehrung, Ski Patrol Director, Tamarack Resort

  • Cascade Rescue Company: A Little History

    Since 1962, Cascade Rescue products have proven themselves to be the best in the industry – and it all started with rescue toboggans on ski hills. There was a strong desire for a better and easier toboggan than the ones that were common at that time. After several iterations of toboggans through the 1960’s, the products from Cascade Toboggans (later renamed Cascade Rescue) became the industry standard for ski patrollers and rescue professionals. Cascade Toboggan continued to grow and innovate during the 70’s and 80’s and eventually began to expand their product offerings to a growing rescue industry.

    Today, Cascade Rescue manufactures and sells rescue toboggans, high incline litters, gondola and chair lift evacuation equipment including cable gliders, as well as over 150 other products for the rescue industry. They operate out of Sandpoint, ID and have an impressive manufacturing facility where they can perform some of the best metalwork in the world while looking up at the local ski hill.

    Harken Industrial

    With a similar history, Harken was born out of a need to develop something better than what was commercially available at the time. Brothers Peter and Olaf Harken were avid sailors and began to design and manufacture sailing blocks in 1967. While becoming globally successful in providing high quality blocks, the brothers also expanded and experimented with other products and had a great amount of success building boats as well.

    Harken, although originating and still commanding in the sailing world, now has an impressive amount of manufacturing capabilities that are no longer contained within any single market. Harken has group offices around the world and distribution in 48 countries. After 2009, Harken diversified its offerings to include products for work on rope under tension and created a new division, Harken Industrial. Following certification of many of its 'sailing' products for human suspension, which is an appropriately arduous process, Harken Industrial began to translate other technology first born for sailing into unique products for industrial use.

    Back in 2019, Harken Industrial also acquired Elevated Safety, a rope access and rescue training company. Elevated Safety – staffed predominantly by rescue and work-at-height professionals – trains other first responders, rescue personnel, and industrial rope access professionals in the safest and most efficient rope techniques.

    With these three entities – Harken Industrial, Cascade Rescue and Elevated Safety – working closely hand-in-hand, there is no shortage of ambition, innovation, and specialization circulating throughout the veins of the team.

    To read more news about how Harken Industrial and Cascade Rescue connected, read this article from the Harken Industrial website.

  • Cascade Rescue Equipment in Canada

    Most people around the world are ready to roll down the window, throw a peace sign out with their hand, and drive away from 2020 without looking in the rearview mirror. There was a lot of shake up this year for people and businesses alike – and what we have all endured will change how the world does business henceforth.

    It wasn’t all bad though! For Cascade Rescue Company, some of the biggest and most positive news from 2020 came in February when Cascade was acquired by the Harken family of companies. There are many positive benefits from this merger including our ability to better serve our Canadian customers. As part of that strategy, we’d like to introduce our new distributors in Canada.

    Canadian Market

    With Cascade Rescue’s well-known name in the ski industry, it should be no surprise that there is a lot of business happening in Canada where the snow seems abundant, people flock to the outdoors and the ski hills are plentiful. It has always been a major focus of Cascade Rescue to simplify distribution throughout Canada, making it easy for our customers to purchase our products. With that goal, Cascade Rescue chose to work closely with two great names in the Canadian market: T’NT Work & Rescue in Western and Central Canada and Groupe Montagne Explore in Eastern Canada.

    T’NT Work & Rescue, based outside of Edmonton, Alberta, has been serving the Canadian market for over 25 years and has worked diligently to build a reputation of trust and expertise in the industry. T’NT supports various industries throughout Canada, such as Fire Departments, Military and Law Enforcement, Mine Rescue, Search and Rescue, Rope Access, and several other segments of the technical rope rescue and access world. T’NT prides itself on building strong relationships with the best manufacturers in the world, in order to ensure that their clients have quick access to the latest and greatest products in the rope industry. It is also important to mention that T’NT is the largest stocking dealer in Canada for technical rope rescue equipment, offering expedited turn around and shipping throughout the country.

    Groupe Montagne Explore’s (GME) mission is to contribute to the development and maintenance of the knowledge and skills of those involved in the field of first aid and rescue with the ultimate goal of participating in improving the safety of workers and the general population. In addition to Cascade Rescue equipment, the company offers lift and gondola evacuation training, medical supervision services, consultations, and provides specialized equipment to cover the breadth of service and sales including all major brands. The headquarters are in Dorval, Quebec outside of Montreal but the GME team operates throughout all regions of eastern Canada.

    Equipment and Contacts

    Both T’NT and GME offer the full line of products from Cascade Rescue:

    Rescue toboggans and accessories

    Cascade Professional and Advance Series litters and accessories

    Industry leading Litter wheels and Adjustable handle systems

    Gondola, chairlift evacuation solutions

    Helicopter and Aerial rescue equipment

    Technical hardware and soft goods

    Search and Rescue equipment and accessories

    For more information on how T’NT Work & Rescue or Groupe Montagne Explore can help you get what you need, call the numbers provided below, send an email or reach out to Cascade Rescue to be directed to the best resources for your needs. 

    T’NT Work & Rescue

    Steve Minarchi


    Groupe Montagne Explore

    Jean-Marc Nantel

    601 Avenue Orly, Dorval

    (Quebec) H9P 1G1

    855 717-4085

  • How To Clean Fabric and Other PPE Products

    Among many things, COVID-19 has changed the way we must approach our methods of disinfecting rescue, and first aid equipment. Bloodborne pathogens have always been challenging to deal with. Now, the introduction of an easily transmitted viral threat has made it apparent that there's a need to increase the diligence with which we approach PPE and disinfecting techniques. Careful selection of products are also a consideration, as we evaluate everything we use and its ability to be adequately sanitized.

    How To Clean Fabric and Other Products

    We are often asked how to clean fabric, and other products, that have been contaminated with body fluids. While the rules are not absolute, the information below helps with products made of nylon, poly, vinyl or similar fabrics. Other, more substantial products like toboggans and litters can also be disinfected using these measures.

    The NFPA standard for cleaning rescue gear of blood borne pathogens calls for a solution of 60 ml of household bleach for every 4 liters of tap water or 1/4 cup per gallon. 

    The item is soaked for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed off. Alcohol can be used to speed drying. Thoroughly rinsing the product is very important to ensure the bleach solution doesn't damage the material over long term contact. (See additional notes below)

    COVID Resistant Products

    At Cascade Rescue Company, we are proud to be able to support the containment of these pathogens with a select group of featured products:

    Cascade Wrap Splints: Not only can it be repeatedly washed with anti-viral solutions, but this innovative splint designed at Cascade Rescue is also made of heavy-duty 18oz vinyl with a cold crack resistance of -40 degrees which covers a cushy 1.5" foam pad laminated to a flexible backing. 

    Cascade Patient Protector: Custom designed to fit your Cascade Toboggan or litter, this may be the best thing that you can do for your patient. Manufactured of heavy-duty and waterproof vinyl, this padded wrap is tailored to easily enclose your patient in order to keep them warm, dry, and feeling secure on their way down the mountain. 

    Cascade Patient Packaging Tarp: The same size as our HD Cold Weather Pack Cover but made from 18 oz striated vinyl. This tarp is 100% waterproof and very durable, making it ideal for stowing gear inside your toboggan or litter.


    The concentration of bleach explained above is 1.5%.

    NEVER use a higher concentration of bleach than stated above. Higher bleach concentrations are known to seriously damage nylon.

    ALWAYS rinse products thoroughly after the 10 minute exposure to the bleach mixture.

    After rinsing, allow the product to dry in a cool dry place, but not in direct sunlight. The use of a fan to blow air across the product can be used to speed the drying process. Do NOT lay products out on asphalt, concrete or other potentially hot surfaces to dry.

    Excerpt from DuPont Technical Information - Nylon - Bulletin N-161

  • 2020 Summer Sale


    The much anticipated Cascade Rescue Summer Sale is on. From August 1st until August 31st we are offering FREE freight on all Rescue Toboggans, Litters and Trail Wheels shipped within the continental United States. We all know how expensive shipping has gotten these days - especially on items as big and Litters and Toboggans. Here's what this means to you:

    Toboggans you SAVE: $165.00 per Toboggan
    Trail Wheels you SAVE: $65.00 per Trail Wheel
    Litters you SAVE: $135.00 per Litter

    It's easy to see what a great deal this is for you!

    Terms and Conditions: Sale begins August 1st, 2020, and ends August 31st, 2020. All orders must be pre-paid by August 31st, 2020 to be eligible for Summer Sale discounts. Orders may be phoned in or placed at Online orders must be paid for with a credit card, orders placed with a Purchase Order number will be charged freight and billed at the time of shipment. Offer does not apply to GSA negotiated price purchases. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Harken Acquires Cascade Rescue Company

    Press Release: Available for immediate release

    Harken Industrial Announces Acquisition of Premier Manufacturer of Alpine, Fire and Military Outdoor Rescue Equipment, Cascade Rescue Company of Sandpoint, ID.

    Harken Industrial announces an agreement to acquire Cascade Rescue Company of Sandpoint, Idaho. The acquisition, effective from February 1, 2020, provides Harken Industrial the potential to expand distribution of Cascade’s products, and bundle them with services of Harken Industrial’s Elevated Safety Company and complementary products manufactured by Harken Industrial in offerings attractive to even more new markets.

    From the introduction of its first rescue Toboggan in 1962, Cascade has produced the most durable and technologically advanced rescue gear for those who risk their lives to save others.

    “From the minute we met Dana Jordan and began to understand Cascade Rescue in detail, we felt the approach to serving the customers, making the best gear and treating our employees both companies take, was an incredible match. At Harken Industrial, we’re excited to help continue their tradition of amazing service as we work together to grow.” – Matt Malec, C.O.O., Harken Inc.

    “Rapid growth creates its own set of rewards and opportunities. We felt that support of continued growth for Cascade required partnering with a larger company ideally with a larger global footprint and experience in areas of manufacturing and international distribution that we simply didn’t have. Being part of Harken Industrial puts us in the position to educate ourselves to improve our competitiveness, while keeping up with our own growth.” –Dana Jordan, President, Cascade Rescue.

    Cascade Rescue will continue to operate from its Sandpoint location. Dana Jordan and staff will continue day-to-day operations. Harken Industrial will provide tools, and resources to help the Cascade Brand expand and thrive while maintaining the values and high standards that have made the company outstanding.

    About Cascade Rescue

    Cascade Rescue Company manufactures the highest quality, most durable, reliable and technologically advanced rescue gear for those who risk their lives to save others. Whether you are a member of a Fire Department, Ski Patrol, EMS Unit, Sheriff’s Office or Search and Rescue Unit, Cascade Rescue makes the Equipment you know you can trust. Since 1962, our products have proven themselves over the years to be the best in the business. Cascade Rescue continues to seek out ways to improve on our existing excellence so that we can provide you with the best gear possible! For more information please visit

    About Harken Industrial

    Harken Industrial engineers and manufactures a wide range of efficient, durable lightweight, load-handling and safe access solutions. Our low-friction products include fiber rope winches, pulleys, trolley and rail systems, static attachments, rope ascent and controlled descent products. Where required, all have regulatory certifications for human suspension and fall protection.

    Harken Industrial is a division of Harken Inc., a company with more than 50 years of experience at the technological front of the sailing equipment industry. This expertise has empowered us to develop industrial equipment that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

    With eight offices globally and a distributor network across 29 countries, our world-renowned service ensures that teams and end users can maximize productivity by completing their work safely, efficiently and on time.

    For more information visit

    Media Contact:

    Harken Industrial:

    Matt Malec: COO, Harken Industrial, USA


  • Lift Evacuation

    Many of you have likely heard that there is a new Lift Evacuation Guide being published. YES, it’s true. As with so many things, it is still a work in progress. We anticipate it will be published before year end. Having said that, we know most of you need information now. To that end, we have written a brief blog post describing a few essentials. Understand, this information is not all inclusive, but does cover some basic information to be aware of as you conduct Lift Evacuation.

    Lift evacuation is likely one of, if not the most hazardous task an employee of a ski resort will perform even though it is not an inherently dangerous task. People safely work at height every day with an accident rate lower than that of driving an automobile. What makes the activities surrounding lift evacuation so dangerous is that it is a “Low Frequency, High Risk” task. Low frequency in that lifts do not break down regularly (if they are properly maintained). High risk in that there is often little time and frequency devoted to adequately train those engaged in the process of evacuating a lift. In short, it doesn’t happen often and neither does training for the event.

    The intent of the manual in-process is to assist in the creation of a safe and comprehensive Lift Evacuation Plan (LEP). It is meant to help those not steeped in a rope rescue background to understand and adopt safe and commonly accepted techniques. This includes the planning process, applicable standards, best practices, acceptable required equipment and techniques, and training. It is important to note that the manual will not be all encompassing of every acceptable rescue practice. Rescue and work at height are often conducted under variable and dynamic environments.

    This brief blog post is simply to apprise you of the current state of the new Lift Evacuation Guide and to offer some key information and recommendations regarding lift evacuation.

    The ski industry has seen great changes in practices and regulations over the last few years. As such, standards created by ANSI and OSHA have very much come to the forefront of operations. Two key ANSI standards that everyone should be aware of are: B77.1 and Z359. If you don’t have copies of those standards, we suggest you visit the ANSI website and acquire them. Specific to those standards are the required use of autolocking carabiners and use of “life safety rope” with a breaking strength of not less than 5,000 pounds – also see OSHA 1910 and 1926. Generally speaking, any OSHA regulation will supersede other standards.

    Another recommendation based upon commonly accepted practices is for the belayer wear at minimum a seat harness and use some form of auto-stopping belay device such as a Petzl I’d Evac or other similar. This ensures that if the belayer loses contact with the rope, the descent will auto-stop. the use of a Rope Saver or Line Belay device is also recommended.

    A word on Rope Savers and Evac “T” Seats.

    Rope Savers: As posted in previous blogs, inspect for abnormal wear, bending or burrs around the area of rope travel. Ensure that the Line Saver is free and clear of obstructions. If you are using a Line Belay, inspect the area where the belay is welded to the Line Saver. Any cracks or abnormalities should be reported to Cascade Rescue and the device "red tagged" until the device is professionally inspected and repaired or replaced.

    If any Rope Savers have what appears to be a washer welded to the lower section, they should be retired. This is NOT a recall, but a recommendation from the manufacturer based upon the age of these devices as "rescue equipment" and the fact that many people are using them inappropriately. These were made over 20 years ago with the intent of using that point as an attachment point for a tag line. Since then, they have been inappropriately used as a belay point for a mechanical advantage system. These points are not rated for a "man load" and will fail. A Line Belay should be used if a mechanical advantage system is desired.

    Chairlift Evacuation Seats - “T Seats” All chairlift evacuation seats made by Cascade Rescue Company should be inspected annually before use and after every use. The inspector should make sure there are no cracked welds, significant dents or deformations to the tubing or seat mounting plate. The screws and nuts that hold the seat to the seat mounting plate should be tight and free of rust and corrosion. Any Chair Lift Evacuation Seat that has a wooden base should be retired and replaced due to age, regardless of outward appearance.

    That’s it for now. We appreciate your patience while we put the finishing touches to the new Lift Evacuation Guide. It is our intent to provide the best information in the most understandable format possible.  In the meantime, please be patient and keep doing what Patrollers do best.

  • 2019 Toboggan Summer Sale - and everything else!

    The Toboggan (And Everything Else) Summer Sale!

    We’re doing something different this year and offering a way to save more on toboggans and almost EVERYTHING else.

    Here's how it works

    Orders over $1,000 receive a 10% discount
    Orders over $1,500 receive a 15% discount
    Orders over $2,000 receive a 20% discount
    Orders over $3,000 receive a 25% discount

    Do the math!  It's pretty easy to see how your savings will stack up.

    Terms and Conditions: Sale begins August 1st, 2019 and ends August 31st, 2019. All orders must be pre-paid by August 31st, 2019 to be eligible for Summer Sale discounts. Some exclusions apply: Maximum discount of 15% on CMC gear and Conterra vacuum mattresses.  Orders may be placed via phone or email.  Internet orders will not reflect Summer Sale discounts.  Call us at 844-414-RESQ (7377)