Cascade Rescue Hang Glider

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Cascade Rescue Hang Glider

The Cascade Rescue Hang Glider - Check out our latest video!

A more compact version of our popular Cable Glider. Developed for Lift Evacuation of all types. The Hang Glider excels in more complex scenarios where the evacuee requires a lot of assistance from a rescuer. It's made entirely of high-grade Titanium and precision-machined 6061 aluminum. Because it weighs only 10 lbs, it can be easily "one-handed" onto the cable. The Hang Glider features a machined billet aluminum actuator that allows the rescuer to easily clip in with their favorite harness and work positioning system. The Hang Glider is extremely safe: When attached to the cable it can be secured with a manual brake lock.  Once the rider (rescuer) mounts the Hang Glider, the brake is automatically locked and the Glider will not travel down the cable until the operator applies positive forward force to the brake lever.  By simply pushing forward on the brake lever, the Glider will travel down the cable and descent speed is easily controlled by the operator.  If the brake lever is released, the Glider will stop.  This "deadman" style brake mechanism eliminates the chance for a runaway, even if the operator is incapacitated. The Hang Glider is equally at home on Gondolas, Trams, Zip Line applications and anywhere travel down a cable facilitates rescue.  Our unique design allows the Hang Glider to be easily adjusted to fit cables from 30mm up to 56mm in diameter. 

 Let us help you tailor your equipment needs to meet the demands of your individual rescue scenario.  Made by Cascade Rescue Company in our ISO9000 Certified Plant.  Call us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.


All gliders require specialized training before purchase, provided by our team at Elevated Safety.  Please call customer service for details 208.263.2484


Actuator Bar A = Cables from 48mm to 58mm
Actuator Bar B = Cables from 36mm to 50mm
Actuator Bar C = Cables from 32mm to 38mm
Actuator Bar Z = Cables from 3/4 inch to 7/8 inch

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