Cascade Rescue Cable Glider

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Cascade Rescue Cable Glider - Check out our latest video!

Designed specifically for Gondola and Tram evacuation. Made almost entirely of high-grade Titanium and weighing 13.2 lbs, the Cable Glider can be easily "one-handed" onto the Gondola cable. Features an extendable foot-rest, comfortable down-tube and seat that make it easy for the rescuer to mount, travel the cable and dismount. The Cable Glider is extremely safe. When it's attached to the cable, it can be secured with a manual brake lock. Once the rider (rescuer) mounts the Cable Glider, the brake is automatically locked and the Glider will not travel down the cable until the operator applies positive force to the brake lever.  By simply pushing forward on the brake lever, the Glider will travel down the cable with descent speed being easily controlled by the operator.  If the brake lever is released, the Glider will stop.  This "deadman" style brake mechanism eliminates the chance for a runaway, even if the operator is incapacitated. The Cable Glider is being used in resorts around the globe including Vail, Silver Mountain, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, Whistler Blackcomb and Heavenly Valley. Made by Cascade Rescue Company in our ISO9000 Certified Plant.

Let us help you tailor your equipment needs to meet the demands of your individual rescue scenario.  Custom on-site training and demonstration packages are available upon request.

Actuator Bar A = Cables from 48mm to 58mm
Actuator Bar B = Cables from 36mm to 50mm
Actuator Bar C = Cables from 32mm to 38mm
Actuator Bar Z = Cables from 3/4 inch to 7/8 inch

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