Rescue Litters

What testing has been done on the Cascade Rescue Professional Series Rescue Litters?

Our Professional Series Titanium and Stainless Steel litters have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the ASTM Standard: F2821-10 and adopted by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as a certified product under NFPA 2008-2012.

What testing has been done on the Cascade Rescue Advance Series Rescue Litters?

Our Advance Series Litters were independently tested to destruction by Rigging for Rescue. Results can be seen at: Advance Series Destructive Testing Results

Describe the differences and uses of the different models of Cascade Rescue Litters

Cascade Rescue Advance Series: The Advance Series is primarily used by Search and Rescue operations where lightweight and versatility are paramount. Because of its composite shell, it is equally at home on rock, snow and ice and other terrain where exposure to the patient must be minimized. Its hard exterior shell prevents the patient from being poked or injured from hazards under the litter.

Cascade Rescue Professional Series: These litters come in several models and a range of prices. They were primarily designed for firefighting and industrial applications – primarily in urban settings. The Stainless Steel and Titanium versions are also NFPA rated which tends to be more important to fire departments. Having said that, with the introduction of our Titanium versions, several SAR units have also opted for this model.