Payment Information

Payments via credit card and Paypal are accepted online for all purchases. If you have a pre-approved line of credit with Cascade Rescue, Purchase Order Numbers may also be used for online purchases. 
We offer terms to companies that provide us with references and have completed a credit application and have been approved for terms.  All past due orders will be be subject to finance charges as specified in our TERMS of Credit below. 

TERMS of Credit: In consideration of Cascade Rescue Company extending credit to the Applicant, the Applicant agrees to pay for all items delivered or services rendered to the Applicant in accordance with the terms of each invoice. Applicant agrees to each of the terms and conditions of sale from Cascade Rescue Company to the Applicant. Applicant acknowledges that a monthly service charge of 1 1/2% shall be made on all sums due Cascade Rescue Company which have not been paid according to the invoice terms. Should it become necessary to place the account with a collection agency or attorney, the applicant agrees to pay all collection and attorney fees in addition to all other sums due. Applicant authorizes Cascade Rescue Company to obtain credit and financial information concerning the Applicant at any time and from any source. The undersigned warrants that the above agreement has been carefully read and that Applicant understands it completely.