Professional Discounts

Does Cascade Rescue Company discount pricing to the NSP, Search and Rescue and other volunteer Organizations?

Members of the NSP, volunteer and professional Search and Rescue groups and Firefighters make up the majority of the customers we sell to. Given this, we do our best to price below suggested retail (MSRP) on all products. Where margins allow, some significantly below MSRP. Further discounts are available on some products based upon volume purchases. We also maintain sections on our website that include a revolving selection of products that are more deeply discounted.

When individual customers ask for further discounts we have to rationalize why we don't for all the other organizations we work with. Because our products are used by so many organizations, we have elected to sell for less than our competition from the start. While we may lose profits we could have captured when selling to those organizations at MSRP that are better funded, we feel it helps those volunteer organizations with less funding.