Unexpected Demand Driven By COVID 19

Posted by Dana Jordan on 28th Jan 2021

Ski Area RescueIt is no surprise that COVID 19 thrust unexpected challenges upon our industry. One of those surprises, for us, has been the unbelievable demand for our products. We momentarily struggled to understand this phenomenon. It wasn't long before patrollers, search and rescue teams, and others that are routinely engaged in rescue painted a clear picture for us. Driven by social isolation, many of us turned to the great outdoors as an escape from a world turned upside down. This mass exodus from urban areas is placing huge stress on teams around the world as they struggle to help more people than normal, many of them with very little knowledge of outdoor safety and survival skills. We are humbled by the extraordinary efforts we have seen of so many rescuers during this time and are greatly appreciative of their efforts.

Here at Cascade Rescue, we are experiencing this same phenomenon again. In late March of 2020, you could have heard a pin drop here. We weren't overly concerned. We had plenty of raw materials and a team of great people, and set about our normal day of building product in preparation for summer needs. By the end of April, our world was also turned upside down and we were overwhelmed with orders from teams in the field trying to stay on top of an ever-evolving situation. We've been drinking from a fire hose ever since. I mention this only as a heads up. Throughout the summer we ran out and were back-ordered on litterstrail wheels, and many other products for remote rescue. That remains the case today, although we are catching up.

Now we are seeing the same issue with tobogganssplints, and other products used at ski areas and other winter venues. We still have a dwindling supply of tobogganswrap splintspatient protectors and many COVID resistant products, and are shipping as fast as we can make them. 

If your immediate needs include the addition of toboggans, we recommend you contact us now. If you anticipate additional needs for summer operations we also recommend placing those orders as soon as possible as we will be filling those orders on a first-come basis.