Ultimate Professional Series Rescue Litter Package

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Professional Series with Equalizer Handles and Terra Tamer

Ultimate Professional Series Complete Rescue Litter Package

This is the all in one package for those involved in rescue with a litter.  We've come up with a package that lets you choose the type of litter you want, a Terra Tamer Trail Wheel, your choice of Titanium or Stainless steel Equalizer Adjustable Handle System and a Litter Rigging Kit.  The best part is that you save between $407 and $751 depending upon your choices!


  • Professional Series Rescue Litter of your choice 
  • Terra Tamer, Trail Tech or Terrain Master Litter Wheel  
  • Equalizer Litter Handles - your choice of Titanium or Stainless Steel
  • Litter Rigging Kit - Includes:
    • PMI Tarantula Four Point Litter Harness
    • Rock N Rescue Low Incline Litter Harness
    • Rock N Rescue Patient Restraint System
    • PMI Pick Off Strap
    • PMI Five Step Etrier
    • Two SMC GRIP Rope Ascenders
    • Four Petzl AMD Screw-Gate carabiners
    • One Petzl AMD Triact Lock Carabiner
    • Technical Riggers Guide - Version 3
    • Cascade Rescue Compact Litter Rigging Pack
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