A Year To Remember: An Update On Our Acquisition

Posted by Dana Jordan on 26th Feb 2021

Taking care of our customers, treating people well, innovation and producing quality rescue gear that makes rescues safer and faster for those being rescued, and the rescuers. That has been our focu … read more

Unexpected Demand Driven By COVID 19

Posted by Dana Jordan on 28th Jan 2021

It is no surprise that COVID 19 thrust unexpected challenges upon our industry. One of those surprises, for us, has been the unbelievable demand for our products. We momentarily struggled to understa … read more

Customer Testiomonial: Tamarack Resort

Posted by Dana Jordan on 23rd Dec 2020

Thanks so much for equipping us with the latest in aerial evacuation equipment. As you know, Tamarack Resort is a fast-growing, All-Season Resort in Central Idaho that is rapidly becoming a popular … read more

Cascade Rescue Company: A Little History

Posted by Joe Rogat on 17th Dec 2020

Since 1962, Cascade Rescue products have proven themselves to be the best in the industry – and it all started with rescue toboggans on ski hills. There was a strong desire for a better and easier to … read more

How To Clean Fabric and Other PPE Products

Posted by Dana Jordan on 18th Nov 2020

Among many things, COVID-19 has changed the way we must approach our methods of disinfecting rescue, and first aid equipment. Bloodborne pathogens have always been challenging to deal with. Now, the … read more