Advanced Lift Evacuation Kit

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Advanced Lift Evacuation Kit with Rescue 8 and Prussic

The Cascade Rescue Advanced Evacuation Kit

This ski lift evacuation kit is designed specifically for situations requiring raising a rescuer to a chair or gondola and/or where additional mechanical advantage is required.  Kit includes everything needed for a single station evacuation of most surface lifts.  This chairlift evacuation gear may be configured in multiple ways to achieve maximum mechanical advantage and comes pre-rigged and packaged for use.

Kit includes:

  • Cascade Rescue Chair Lift Evacuation Seat
  • 300 feet of PMI Hudson Classic 11mm Static Life Safety Rope
  • Line Belay/Line Saver
  • Two Double PMP Pulleys with Beckets
  • Backpack Rope Bag
  • One Autolocking Steel Carabiner (Petzl OXAN) 
  • One Rescue Eight (Can Substitute Petzl I'D Descender)
  • Three Steel Maillon Rapide Quicklinks
  •  One Cascade Rescue Rikki Tik Rescue Harness 


  • MSRP with Rescue 8 and Prussic=$1038 
  • MSRP with ID=$1254
  • MSRP with RIG=$1169



The Figure 8 configuration represents some additional challenges in regard to training and complexity.  Each time the system is reset, the rescuer either needs to pull everything back through the 8 and prussik or undo the entire configuration and re-tie.  This presents the opportunity for error at each lowering of the subject.  The prussik could be mis-tied or not dressed properly, not properly attached to the harness, etc.  Over multiple iterations of lowering subjects, the repetition of the task could create the opportunity for lack of attention to important details.  Although this system is viable, it should only by used by highly trained individuals that have a deep and intimate understanding of rope rescue.



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