Advanced Lift Evacuation Kit

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Complete Lift Evacuation Kit

The Cascade Rescue Advanced Evacuation Kit

This ski lift evacuation kit is designed specifically for situations requiring raising a rescuer to a chair or gondola and/or where additional mechanical advantage is required.  Kit includes everything needed for a single station evacuation of most surface lifts.  This chairlift evacuation gear may be configured in multiple ways to achieve maximum mechanical advantage and comes pre-rigged and packaged for use.

Kit includes:

  • Cascade Rescue Chair Lift Evacuation Seat
  • 300 feet of PMI Hudson Classic 11mm Static Life Safety Rope
  • Line Belay/Line Saver
  • Two Double PMP Pulleys with Beckets
  • Backpack Rope Bag
  • One Autolocking Steel Carabiner (Petzl OXAN) 
  • One Rescue Eight (Can Substitute Petzl I'D Descender)
  • Three Stainless Steel Maillon Rapide Quicklinks
  •  One Cascade Rescue Rikki Tik Rescue Harness


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