F3 Self-Evacuation Kit

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F3 Self-Evacuation Kit

F3 Self Evacuation Kit

The F3 Kit represents a huge leap forward in both safety and weight reduction of self-evacuation kits. We started with a custom "tactical" style bag and crafted internal pockets to help position hardware so that it's easy to find and access when needed.The rope is state of the art 5.4mm Sterling V-TX Dyneema High Tenacity Cord.With an MBS of 3372 pounds and virtually no stretch, the V-TX makes an ideal lightweight, compact and reusable self-evac rope. The Sterling F3 Descent device is pre-rigged and requires very little training to use. To descend the rescuer simply squeezes the handle - to stop, simple let go or reduce pressure to feather your descent. Light, fast and safe - the new F3 Self Evacuation Kit. 

Kit includes:

  • Tactical storage deployment bag
  • Aluminum auto-locking carabiner
  • 16 feet of 1" tubular webbing (Swiss Seat)
  • Sterling F3 Descent device
  • 35m Sterling 5.4mm V-TX
  • Sterling machined rigging ring
  • 24" Dyneema rigging sling
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