Med Tech Light-Weight VSB Immobilizer

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VSB Aerolite

Med Tech Light-Weight VSB Immobilizer

The Light-Weight VSB is designed for any rescue response agency where weight and space are a premium. This VSB is available in the 6' lenth. It is strong and extremely light weight (6.5 lbs without pump or bag) and intended for short carries. Sized to fit into a litter or toboggan for longer or more technical movement. The Light-Weight VSB has unique “ladder handles”.  While the handles are not really designed for long carry-outs, they have a couple of big pluses; they are very light, and they are less likely to get trapped under the device, and if they do and any part is visible, you can pull on that part to retrieve the whole ladder assembly.

The Light-Weight VSB has fewer chambers in it to cut weight, so some smoothing out is necessary before putting the patient on it. The farther to the sides the media goes, the stiffer the device becomes. The Light-Weight VSB is a tiny bit less torsionally stable from the hips down than the larger VSB models, but when used with litters, heli-bags or toboggans, this is minimized. In addition to weight and space savings, it is significantly less expensive than the regular VSB. 



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