Litter Rigging Kit

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Litter Rigging Kit

Litter Rigging Kit

This litter/stretcher Rigging Kit is everything you need for working with a litter in one compact bag.  We've packed this kit with all the gear to rig a litter for just about any rescue situation.  Our dual compartment bag keeps the four point litter harness in one side for quick deployment.  The other side of the bag folds open with individual see-through mesh pockets to keep components organized and readily available.  The kit can be stowed for emergency deployment or attached to the side of the litter using the integrated compression system.  Better yet, you save money when you order the kit vs buying each component separately.  

  • PMI Tarantula Four Point Litter Harness
  • Rock N Rescue Low Incline Litter Harness
  • Rock N Rescue Patient Restraint System
  • PMI Pick Off Strap
  • PMI Five Step Etrier
  • Two SMC GRIP Rope Ascenders
  • Four SMC Locking D carabiners
  • One Petzl AMD Triact Lock Carabiner
  • Cascade Rescue Compact Litter Rigging Pack


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