Techsar Rigging Pack

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Techsar Rigging Pack

Conterra Techsar Rigging Pack

An excellent pack for gear organization with options for customizing fit to accommodate different sizes and styles of equipment. 

  • Two reinforced see-thru pockets
  • Center section with movable tabs 
  • Padded fold-out caddy with movable tabs for different sizes / styles of pulleys 
  • Padded fold-out carabiner organizer that can store up to ten carabiners with elasticized keeps 
  • Tethered inventory card 
  • Constructed of ballistic nylon and features #10 coil zippers 
  • Sleeve for rope guards 
  • Identifier Window (Teams often utilize three of these bags during rescue and identify as Belay, Mainline and Edge)
  • Has two vinyl grab handles and a bandolier shoulder strap

The Techsar Rigging Pack is specifically designed to work with the Nest Rope bag, which is shaped to seamlessly attach to the Techsar Rigging Pack. This double ended rope bag is padded and armored with Ballistics nylon for years of use. The rope bag sports straps that allow you to carry the system like a duffel bag when attached to the Techsar Rigging Bag. The rope bag has a haul loop and a bandolier shoulder strap. A truly unique feature of the system is that when the rope bag and Techsar® rigging module are attached to one another, the two bandolier straps act together, allowing the system to be carried like a backpack!

*If you select that you want to add a rope bag to the rigging pack and want a different color than the pack, please specify the color wanted (Red, Blue or Black)

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