Lift Evac Pre-Rig

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Lift Evac Pre-Rig Kit

Lift Evac Pre-Rig Kit

A good rescue technician knows that you reduce risk anytime you can simplify your rescue system.  Our Lift Evac Pre-Rig kit does exactly that.  The kit is the essence of simplicity, yet removes the need to tie knots into your lift evacuation system.  This eliminates the potential for a mis-tied knot to fail and drop the person being evacuated.  We threaded a Cascade Rescue Line Saver onto a 150' or 300' section of 11mm PMI Life Safety rope and then put a sewn eye onto each end of the rope.  These sewn eyes allow the user to use a carabiner to clip an Evacuation Seat, harness, etc. directly to the rope, eliminating the need for knots.  This method can also extend the useful life of the rope.  When one sewn eye wears out, simply cut it off, reverse the direction of the Line Saver and use the new sewn eye at the other end of the rope.  The Cascade Rescue Lift Evac Pre-Rig Kit - Easier, safer and SMART.

*The 300' option comes with a Line Belay instead of Rope Saver; the Line Belay is designed to allow easier descents by using a 2:1 pulley system or ascents with a 4:1 or 6:1 system by the rescuer. 


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