Conterra Infinity Jump II Medical Bag

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Conterra Infinity Jump Medical Bag

Conterra Infinity Jump II Medical Bag

The Infinity Jump represents the best that Conterra has to offer in trauma bags.  Conterra originally designed this bag for the aero medical industry, but its intelligent design and incredible versatility make it a fine choice in any situation. The Jump has been built with ergonomics in mind. Less than 12 inches wide, it carries much closer to your center line than other brands of bag, making a back injury less likely. This kit is as durable as can be. The Infinity Jump is built with fluid proof SI tex fabric. The bottom of the kit has a removable and replaceable SI-tex abrasion shield. The large fluid proof handle is attached to an aircraft aluminum center stiffener that runs directly to the bottom of the pack, stopping any sagging. There are also fluid proof cargo handles on each end.

The really unique feature of the Jump is how it opens.  Side “A” opens via a #10 coil zipper to reveal a fully organized 5” x 12” x 24” interior lined with rip and stick compatible fabric complete with color coded pockets and movable dividers.  Side “B” opens from the top via three heavy duty side release buckles, rolling open to become a 3” x 5” x 24” clear sided pocket. The main interior of side “B” is 5” x 9” x 24”, padded and lined with rip and stick compatible fabric.  It has two movable dividers, making side “B” a good spot for electronic monitoring equipment, suction, etc.  The Infinity Jump also has a fold out padded back pack suspension for hands free operation.

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