ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket

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ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket

ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket

This emergency blanket is multi-mission capable for maintenance of normothermia in any rescue or survival situation. It's thermal retention, equivalent to an extreme cold weather polar suit and its internal heat insulative, heat trapping and heat reflective components make the ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket a prehospital rescue necessity. The bonus benefit of flotation, with a calculated buoyancy force of over 30 lbs, make it a rescue tool like no other. The ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket is feather light, easily deployed and easily stored. It's duffel bag or carrying strap containment options provide storage versatility in a multiplicity of rescue and survival scenarios.


  • Multi-mission capable – use in any rescue situation to maintain normothermia
  • Hypothermia prevention – H3 Technology
  • Thermal retention – CLO Value – 3.99/4.00 (ASTM D 1518) TOG Rating 6.18
  • Flotation – buoyancy force of more than 30 lbs. (keeps a 200lb person’s head above water)
  • Feather light – less than 5 lbs.
  • Deployed Size – 72”x 36”
  • Contained Size – 36” x 9” Roll



ConRad SAR Duffel Bag

500D Texturized Nylon ConRad SAR Duffel Bag

  • Durable duffel bag for containment in aircraft, ambulances, and pre-hospital rescue situations
  • Water repellant
  • Meets Military Specifications- MIL DTL 32439 T3 C3 STYLE A


ConRad SAR Carrying Strap

The should strap has two elastic straps, keeping the ConRad SAR Thermal Blanket in a compact roll, which is joined by sturdy nylon webbing for ease of carrying.

  • Convenient simple containment


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