Cascade Rescue Chair Lift Evacuator Seat

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Lift Evacuator Seat

Cascade Rescue Chair Lift Evacuator Seat

The Cascade Rescue Chair Lift Evacuator Seat is the best all around T style evac seat available. Constructed of heavy duty square tube steel coated with our specially formulated Grip Textured powder coating. All stress points are double welded to ensure No Failures during operation. A low stretch 11mm rope harness is attached to the top loop to secure under the evacuees arms. Textured Cryogenic Polyethylene Seat resists the most severe conditions.

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    Evac Seat

    Posted by Mark Leonard on 23rd Oct 2017

    We like our evac gear to collect dust. Unfortunately, this past season it didn't. It was a beautiful sunny day, best snow and weather of the season. Ice broke a power line to our main fully loaded lift. Aux power couldn't start us up so an evac was on. Self evaced out of the chair using SMC Escape 8. Evac gear was brought to me had the new lift evac on my line no problems, it worked very well, easy for customers to slide onto it. Evaced 23 double chairs. While I was doing that, our local power company had arrived and with out telling us cut power below the ski area to be able to fix the upper downed power line. So, we lost power to 2 other fully loaded lifts and all of our base area. Lots to worry about but not our rescue equipment. Thank you Cascade Rescue for providing reliable rugged equipment. Mark Leonard Patrol Supervisor