Ultra-Tuff Vacuum Mattress

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Ultra-Tuff Vacuum Mattress

Ultra-Tuff Vacuum Mattress

A revolutionary new vacuum mattress specifically designed for ski patrols, mountain and helicopter rescue. This mountain rescue mattress is designed to be nearly indestructible and puncture resistant.  Extremely high lateral and longitudinal stability is obtained with special double trapezoidal shape. Innovative 24 chamber system keeps the filling material in place and allows for an extremely low profile with maximum rigidity. Features of this mountain rescue mattress include:  Inner shell of extremely durable, fiber reinforced material, sealed welds by CAM welding process, robust coating shell with eight carrying loops provides extra protection for the mattress and is additionally equipped with its own patient strap and immobilization system. The cover is removable and easy to clean and disinfect. The patient side is made of an extra-durable tarpaulin material. The coating case with the carrying loops allows a gentle re-positioning of the injured person in an emergency vehicle or a helicopter. Immobilization system allows precise and careful molding by one person including an automatic, self-closing valve.  The valve can be operated by an adapter with any standard vacuum pump. Temperature resistance : -40 ° C to + 70 ° C Manufactured according to ISO 9001, CE. 

Mattress Size: 188cm x 76cm

Pump sold separately



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