SMC Edge Roller

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SMC Edge Roller

SMC Edge Roller

Reduce friction when going over the edge with the versatile SMC/RA Edge Roller. Two Edge Rollers connected by quick links will lay over a right angle such as a rock wall or edge of a building. This efficient 4” wide single edge roller ships with screw links for connecting two or more rollers together.

  • 5/8” steel axle
  • Neoprene on bottom
  • Two 3/16” Quick Links included
  • 4” wide aluminum roller

Color: Red
Weight: 3 lbs 2.0 oz (1.410 kg)
Length: 9.90" (25.1 cm)
Width: 6.90" (17.5 cm)
Height: 4.25" (10.8 cm)
Axle: Oilite
Sheave: 2.50" Aluminum
Material: Aluminum

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