Skedco Sked Stretcher System

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Skedco Sked Stretcher System

Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher System

A complete solution for confined space, high angle, technical rescue, and traditional land based applications. The durable plastic litter provides protection for the patient while allowing extrication through the most demanding confined spaces. The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough Cordura® backpack (included). Sked® Stretcher becomes semi-rigid when wrapped around the patient.

  • System includes: Sked® Stretcher, Cordura® backpack/towing harness, horizontal lift slings, 30 ft PMI vertical lift line, Steel Locking D Carabiner, 6 ft tow strap

  • 4 built in handles

Skedco Sked Stretcher System w/ Cobra Buckles

The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle, and land based rescues. Provides outstanding patient protection and security. Includes the Austrian-made Skedco/Cobra side release buckles. Comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or for vertical hoisting in caves or industrial confined spaces.

  • Skedco/Cobra buckles rated at 3,000 lbs

  • Durable plastic provides patient protection

  • Stretcher rolls up for storage in a tough Cordura® backpack

  • Also includes: Horizontal Lift Slings, Tow Strap, Removable Webbing Handles, Steel Locking D Carabiner, and a Vertical Lift Sling

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