Rope Thimble 10mm (3/8") Stainless Steel

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Rope Thimble 11mm (7/16") Stainless Steel

Rope Thimble 11mm (7/16") Stainless Steel

High strength, no-knot terminations for PMI® Classic and Sport ropes. PMI swaged rope terminations are always stronger than any knotted termination. Swaged terminations are formed using aluminum sleeves and a stainless steel thimble. Swages are applied to the rope using a precision steel die and the resulting termination is nearly as strong as the rope itself. Only PMI® Classic and Sport ropes may be swaged. (Ropes may not be swaged after leaving the factory.)

  • High strength termination
  • Available for 11 mm or 12.5 mm PMI® Classic Ropes
  • Stronger than knots

MBS: 26 kN (5845 lbf)
Weight: 1.0 oz (28 g)
Material: Stainless Steel

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