Rock Exotica rockD ORCA-Lock Carabiner

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C2 O
Rock Exotica rockD ORCA-Lock Carabiner

Rock Exotica rockD Carabiners *Only C2 0

The rockD is the carabiner of choice when seeking the highest strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame. Available in the ORCA, Auto-lock, Screw-lock and other gate options, the rockD carabiner serves the broadest range of specialized uses. The rockD in non-lanyard versions, features a flattened profile with an i-beam profile at the bottom and top bends, giving the carabiner a sleek profile, while providing low weight and high strength characteristics.

    • Narrow asymmetric "D" shape optimizes MBS
    • High strength-to-weight ratio in standard size carabiner
    • Snag-resistant keylock nose design
    • Large and ergonomic angled gate opening
    • Machined frame ensures tight tolerances and smooth operation
Gate rockD ORCA rockD Auto rockD Screw rockD Twist   BiWire
    C2 O  C2 A  C2 S  C2 T   C2 BW
MBS-Major 29kN 29kN 29kN 29kN   30kN
MBS-Minor 11kN 11kN 9kN 11kN   11kN
MBS-Open 9kN 9kN 9kN 9kN   9kN
Gate Opening .95" (24 mm) .95" (24 mm) .95" (24 mm) .95" (24 mm)   1.1" (28 mm)
Weight 2.85 oz (80 gm) 2.85 oz (80 gm) 2.61 oz (73 gm) 2.85 oz (80 gm)   2.40 oz (68 gm)
Height 4.5" (114 mm) 4.5" (114 mm) 4.5" (114 mm) 4.5" (114 mm)   4.5" (114 mm)
Width 2.8" (71 mm) 2.8" (71 mm) 2.8" (71 mm) 2.8" (71 mm)   2.8" (71 mm)
Color Red/Black Red/Black Red/Black Red   Red
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