The EQUALIZER - Adjustable Litter Handle System

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The EQUALIZER - Adjustable Litter Handle System

The EQUALIZER - Adjustable Litter Handle System

Finally!  A litter handle system that actually works.  The Equalizer represents years of R&D by Cascade Rescue Company.  The Equalizer easily and quickly attaches to all Cascade Professional and Advance Series litters.  It will even fit other popular brand name litters.  The Equalizer is available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel models and features a unique 24 position system allowing the operators to quickly change handle positions based upon Operator height or varying terrain conditions.  No longer is your downhill teammate reaching into the air to level the litter on steep descents, while the uphill Operator is forced to stoop down low.

For transport to the scene, or for high or low incline work, the handles of the Equalizer may be positioned so they "nest" against the side of the litter, or removed entirely and stowed in a pack.  The Equalizer is so light you'll hardly know it's there.

Titanium Professional Series:  7.35lbs

Stainless Professional Series Handles: 10lbs

Titanium Advance Series:  9.7

Stainless Advance Series:  14.6

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    Equalizer Handles

    Posted by Maurice - Dublin Mountain Rescue on 3rd May 2018

    we recieved the handles last Tuesday which was great as I had a large training exercise organised on the Wednesday so could get some testing done before the weekend. First impression were that this is definitely a much better system than we are currently using and this was confirmed as soon as we got it on the hill. There were a few who pointed out things like the splines could potentially be damaged if the rubber caps were lost particulary over the terrain we cover and the fact we now have four additional pieces of kit (the handles) to carry but this was easily overcome as we simply put them on backwards when not in use or carrying the stretcher in to a scene. (See pic) this makes sure that the splines are always protected and the handles always come with the stretcher. The other noticable difference is that the handles were much longer than the current ones we use which can allow more people to carry the stretcher or we can space people out more making it more comfortable for everybody. Overall opinion at the debrief was that these are excellent and will be used on our stretcher in our first response vehicle with immediate effect and that we order a second set immediately.

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    Jess King

    Posted by Teton County Search and Rescue on 17th Jul 2017

    Teton County SAR is totally hooked on our new wheeled litter and handles. It's hard to imagine ever going back to the old system. Wouldn't be surprised if we buy another set someday.