Poseidon Tech Load Releasing Hitch Sling

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Poseidon Tech Load Releasing Hitch Sling

Rock-and-Rescue Poseidon Tech Load Releasing Hitch Sling

Load releasing straps are frequently used to tie a mariner’s hitch or other types of releasing hitches. A load releasing hitch gives the user the ability to transfer the load from one device to another. The 60″ long strap makes it a snap to size and tie a load releasing hitch. Made of 9,000 lbf. (40.03 kN) nylon webbing and forged 5,000 lbf. (22.24 kN) steel hardware. D-rings are color coded to indicate anchor and load ends. Not designed to function as a shock absorber. If shock loading is a possibility, we highly recommend the use of a shock absorbing device to limit the force delivered to the load releasing strap. 

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