How do I clean my "soft goods"

Posted by Dana Jordan on 20th Jun 2018

We are often asked how to clean cloth products that have been contaminated with body fluids.  While the rules are not absolute, this information does help with products made of nylon or similar.

The NFPA standard for cleaning rescue gear of blood borne pathogens calls for a solution of 60 ml of household bleach for every 4 liters of tap water or 1/4 cup per gallon. The item is soaked for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed off. Alcohol can then be used to speed drying. The rinse would be very important to be sure the bleach doesn't damage the nylon over long time contact.

1) The concentration of bleach explained above is 1.5%.
2) NEVER use a higher concentration of bleach than stated above. Higher bleach concentrations are known to seriously damage nylon.
3) ALWAYS rinse the rope thoroughly after the 10 minute exposure to the bleach mixture.
4) After rinsing, allow the rope to dry in a cool dry place, but not in direct sunlight. The use of a fan to blow air across the rope can be used to speed the drying process. Do NOT lay the rope out on asphalt or concrete surfaces to dry.

Excerpt from DuPont Technical Information - Nylon - Bulletin N-161