EP & R Optimum Traction Device (O.T.D.)

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EP & R Optimum Traction Device (O.T.D.)

EP & R Optimum Traction Device (O.T.D.)

Finally, a better product than and a replacement for the KTD!  With this leg and hip traction device, you never need to roll your patient or raise their leg when applying. Unlike other traction devices, only the OTD allows the ability to work around any hip or groin trauma. Furthermore, there is no ischial bar to deal with, so any concerns of causing unnecessary pressure and additional pain are not an issue. A single person can properly apply the OTD in less than one minute. The traction pole instantly adjusts for adult or pediatric use! The Optimum Traction Device comes complete in a convenient 9.5″ x 3.5″ storage pouch with easy-to-follow instructions. Weighs less than 20 ounces and designed to be carried in a trauma box, jump bag or first aid kit. This device is especially practical for wilderness rescue, ski patrols, SWAT medics and military field medics. Insist on the best. Insist on the Optimum Traction Device.


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    Posted by Reid on 22nd Oct 2020

    Haven’t used it in anger but in practice does the job. It’s compact and light weight so it should not be a burden to carry and fits nicely in my 30L ski patrol pack.