Delta V Guiding and Rescue Tool

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Delta V Guiding and Rescue Tool

Conterra Delta V Guiding and Rescue Tool

Designed from the ground up for the mountain rescue and guiding communities, the Delta V is your go-to belaying and rappelling device and incorporates features for the professional:

  • The “Guide Belay” mode (aka plaquette mode) is useful for bringing up multiple clients and integrates a well-designed release for a loaded device. The anchor point is strength rated at 26kN so you can rest easy knowing it can safely arrest 2 climbers.
  • For rescue work, the Delta V works extremely well as part of the Dual Capability Two Tension Rope System that is rapidly becoming the standard for Mountain Rescue. Tests show that it passes the rigorous EMBC competency tests for DCTTRS component devices. It can also can be used as a 26kN rigging plate to organize a rescue system. 

Works with 8.8 to 11mm ropes and weighs in at just 95g.

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