Conterra Litter Harness

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Conterra Litter Harness

Conterra “Fix” Litter Harness

After many years of research and testing, Conterra is proud to offer the Fix Litter Harness. Designed after the concepts of the “Canadian Model” of rescue introduced by Aanör Larson. A properly designed litter harness does not have to have infinitely adjustable legs to be versatile. The advantage of fixed legs is two fold: First, rigging speed is increased because fiddling with harness adjustments is stopped. Second, eliminating buckles and Prusiks increases strength while significantly decreasing size and weight.

The Fix Litter Harness will fit most litters used today and float patients horizontally within a couple of inches. The harness easily works in “tilt lift” operations. The center yellow portion can be re-configured, contracting the harness for rail work, conspace, or heli-hoist operations. The harness can even be split in half for twin pulley Kootenay Highline operations!

Weighs in at just 400g (14oz), fits in the palm of your hand, and has a breaking strength in standard configuration of 40kN. Comes standard with a storage pouch that can attach to your litter! Can be configured into three modes: Standard Mode, Compact Mode, or Highline Mode

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