Conterra ALS Extreme Pack

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Conterra ALS Extreme Pack

Conterra ALS Extreme Pack

The Conterra ALS Extreme pack is a truly unique animal. Designed to meet the needs of EMTs and Paramedics, who perform in severe environments such as skiing, rappelling, riding snowmobiles, or helitack insertions.

The Conterra ALS Extreme Pack sports six zippered compartments, including a removable top pocket, a fold away suspension system, and is built entirely from cordura and high-count Ballistic nylon. Equipped with ultra strong side handles, wand tunnels and a hydration bladder sleeve. The body of the pack is very narrow to allow a full range of movement when on the rescuer’s back.

A very unique feature of this EMT and paramedic pack is when accessing the main pocket, the back pockets rotate to the sides, creating a high degree of organization at your fingertips and rotate back out of the way for transport. The main pocket zips open via huge #10 coil zippers to reveal a large compartment, completely lined with hook and loop compatible fabric, twin movable dividers, and a flap sporting two medium organizer pockets (you can add more).

The bottom end is designed for personal survival gear. By moving the divider, you can adjust just how much personal space you need, or remove the divider and use the space for medical equipment (You can also add side pockets to extend the range of your pack even farther).

The fold out suspension is the same used on Conterra's famous mountain rescue packs. This EMT and paramedic backpack is coupled with a full aluminum frame that insures a comfortable and stable ride every time, we guarantee that this is the best pack of its kind that you can buy.

Volume: 4,200ci

Medical supplies and hydration system shown not included.


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