Cascade Rescue Pro Litter Skin

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Cascade Rescue Pro Litter Skin

Cascade Rescue Pro Litter Skin

Our litter skin is beauty that is more than skin deep! We have completed a full redesign of this product, making it easier to use, install and store.  This is your solution if your rescue scenario demands that your litter be dragged across anything abusive or rough. Ready to deploy within moments - simply attach the Pro Litter Skin to a Professional Series Litter and you're ready for action! Thanks to the new attachment system, installation has never been faster or easier - no zip-ties or other cumbersome parts! Constructed of a proprietary blend of super durable Hi-Density Poly with easy on/off attachment points.  So tough they use this stuff to line the boards in hockey rinks!

Weight:  8lbs  Dimensions stored:  29" X 12" (rolled up).  Fully deployed fits the width and length of a Cascade Rescue Professional Series tapered or rectangular litter up to the top of the secondary rail.

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