CARBON FIBER/TITANIUM Model 350 Two Piece - "The Extreme"

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Model 350 weighs just 33lbs!

CARBON FIBER/TITANIUM Model 350 Two Piece - "The Extreme"

The 350 "Extreme" is the ULTIMATE backcountry / mountain rescue sled! Handcrafted and customized to user requirements, this sled is made entirely of Triaxial Weave Carbon Fiber, Kevlar for abrasion resistance, Titanium and 6061-T6 Aluminum.  Weighing just 33 lbs, it's the lightest full-duty sled out there! The normal 2 piece aluminum handles add 14 lbs or just 8 lbs for Carbon Fiber handles. Strong hinge and latch system make for easy assembly and strong performance. Comes equipped with Belay Points, Quick-Tab Patient Straps and FastPax Restraint System. 


 All toboggans are charged a fixed rate of $250.00 per toboggan within the continental United States.  Please contact Customer Service at 844-414-RESQ (7377) with questions.

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