5.4 mm V-TX Cord

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Sterling Rope Company 5.4 mm V-TX Cord

Sterling 5.4 mm V-TX Cord

The 5.4 mm V-TX Cord is an ultra-lightweight, super low-stretch High Tenacity Cord. With a braided Dyneema core and polyester sheath, the V-TX is water and UV resistant, making it ideally suited for high tension and high exposure repetitive use.

MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)
3,372 15.0
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    emergency rappel rope

    Posted by Canada on 2nd Jun 2019

    This is the lightest, and strongest, most compact emergency rescue/back-up rope there is. I'm amazed That it isn't marketed more as such. I was impressed with how nicely it made and kept knots. But is very difficult/tedious to secure the rope ends once cut. Top of the line kit, too bad the price matches, but you get what you pay for, especially if its your life. 4000lbs is way more than enough strength, but if it was any smaller in diameter it would be too hard to rappel with.