Rich Maris

Rich Maris
Willamette Pass Ski Patrol, Oregon Region

Twenty four years ago I ordered a simple radio harness when I was made a member of the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol in the Willamette Pass Ski Area, Highway 58, in Lane County, Oregon.

I have used the same harness for the full span of years. On slope during the ski season, during all patrol, region and division training activities, summers for area events, and personal use when I needed to have a radio. Sixteen of those years were as a volunteer patroller and the last eight as a member of the paid duty patrol.

The 8" x 9 1/2" single radio / single pouch harness has performed perfectly and shows no signs of wear. If our auto industry could produce similarly reliable and durable products they would be in a better economic position today.

After all of this use, the single problem arose last weekend during a deep heavy deposition day when a classic fall somehow pulled at the harness and the bottom two slots of the back plastic straps' crossing device broke. Plastic seems to age and fail no matter what the type so I cannot complain but only compliment Cascade Toboggan on providing such a durable product.

Thanks for offering to replace the square back straps' retainer for free. You have a user who can proudly show the harness and durability that it has provided over all of these years.


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