USE: to provide superior sled tracking especially on ice and hard pack moguls. If you need tracking but also gliding, cut the deep fin (short piece) down to the same height as the rest of the fin and it will help. This can be done with a saber saw.


  1. One set of long fins (50") from Cascade Toboggan
  2. 3/16” drill bit and drill
  3. Pop rivet gun (hand or pneumatic). Use steel rivets with air rivet gun and aluminum with hand pop riveter.
  4. Hammer
  5. File

Long Fin Conversion Photo


  1. Remove old short fins (drill out rivets)
  2. Mark the sled for fin mounting. The deep fin ice point is mounted on the sled ¾" to 1" ahead of the curve or break in the sled bottom at the rear end of the sled, or mark a point 4" ahead of the short fin inset in the newer sled bottoms. This will mark the front end of the long fin. Set the fin as close to the sidewall of the sled as possible. (about ¼" from the side)
  3. Pre bend the fin; back of the ice point, to fairly closely fit the sled bottom.
  4. Drill and rivet the inside rear fin corner-mounting hole. On the newer sleds with the short fin pocket in the sled bottom be sure and put a spacer (included in the Cascade kit) in the pocket.
  5. Align the fin and drill and set the second rear hole.
  6. Repeat on each set of holes. Align the fin, drill the sled bottom, and rivet