Tendril Arbor Climbing Line

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Tendril Arbor Climbing Line

Sterling Tendril Arbor Climbing Line 

The Tendril’s polyester sheath and double-braid construction delivers uncompromising strength no matter if the conditions are wet or dry. This lightweight, abrasion-resistant line has low elongation and a soft, balanced handling. Easy to grip with bare or through gloved hands, the Tendril runs smoothly through friction hitches or mechanical devices, and resists flattening or glazing throughout heavy use. ANSI Z133

Diameter (mm) Elongation at 300 lb (%)
11.1 4.1
Weight (lb/100') Sewn Eye MBS (lb/kN)
6.1 5,418
MBS Rating (lb) Sewn Eye MBS (kN)
5,912 24.1
MBS Rating (kN)
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