Sterling 11mm HTP Shorts (116 - 148' Segments)

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Sterling 11mm HTP Shorts (116 - 148' Segments)

Sterling HTP Static 11mm "Shorts"

Maximum strength with low stretch. A multi-use rescue and rappel rope perfect for rope rescue, rope access and efficient ascending/descending. Low-stretch properties and high-moisture resistance allow the 7/16" to operate consistently in wet and dry conditions. 

NFPA 1983: Technical // ANSI Z133

Diameter (mm) MBS Rating (kN)
11.0 30.5
Weight (lb/100') Elongation at 300 lb (%)
6.5 2.5
MBS Rating (lb) SWL (10:1) (lb)
6,856 685

HTP prime shorts are first quality ropes available as shorter lengths than what retail shops stock. We end up with these shorter lengths typically by cutting ropes for inventory and having some left over from a set. *Color and Length Varies 

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