Sterling 1/2" HTP Static Shorts (116 - 148' Segments)

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Sterling 1/2" HTP Static Shorts (116 - 148' Segments)

Sterling 1/2" HTP Static "Shorts" 

This super-durable, low-stretch rope features a unique sheath construction that inhibits picking and stays firm for effective handling despite the load. Its strength and durability make it a great choice for specialized rigging, speed lines and hauling applications. NFPA 1983: General / ANSI Z133

Diameter (mm) Elongation at 300 lb (%)
12.5 0.9
Weight (lb/100') Elongation at 10% MBS (%)
8.0 7.0
MBS Rating (lb) ABS Rating (lb)
9,081 10,031
MBS Rating (kN) SWL
40.4 908

HTP prime shorts are first quality ropes available as shorter lengths than what retail shops stock. We end up with these shorter lengths typically by cutting ropes for inventory and having some left over from a set. *Color and Length Varies 


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    Initial impression of Sterling 1/2 HTP

    Posted by Joshua on 16th Sep 2020

    This arrived quickly in the larger of the possible sizes and in a high visibility color I like. Although it feels a bit stiff, it holds knots remarkably well once set. I think it will server as a great static line.