Speedline Kit Combo 12 Pack

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Speedline Kit Combo 12 Pack

Notch Speedline Kit Combo 12 Pack 

• All the gear needed to speed line branches from the tree to the landing zone.
• Speed lining pieces directly to the chipper truck can save time, effort, and protect the area at the base of the tree.
• Constructed of 40” 29kN tubular Nylon sling with double action 33kN aluminum snaphook
• Girth hitch connection allows user to rotate sling promoting even wear and ease of replacement
• Double locking snaphook is easy to install while ensuring no accidental detachment of the connected load
• Includes a storage bale for easy access and transportation
• Snaphook - Aluminum
• Webbing - 1" Tubular Nylon

(6) 26in Slings (6) 40in Slings

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