SMC Large Steel D Carabiner

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SMC Large Steel D Carabiner

SMC Large Steel D Carabiner

The SMC ANSI Safety Lock is manufactured using High Strength Zinc Plated Alloy Steel to maximize the strength to weight ratio and is ideal for any situation where security is critical. Locking the sleeve on the gate rather than the body of the carabiner provides greater overall strength and smooth action.

Type: Triple Auto Lock
MBS: 46 kN (10341 lbf)
Weight: 11.5 oz (325 g)
Length: 5.04" (12.8 cm)
Width: 2.97" (7.5 cm)
Gate Opening: 1.20" (30.5 mm)
Major Axis: 46 kN (10341 lbf)
Minor Axis: 16 kN (3600 lbf)
Gate Open: 11 kN (2473 lbf)
Material: Zinc Plated Steel Alloy

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