Shuttle Tandem Cable Pulley

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Shuttle Tandem Cable Pulley

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SMC Shuttle Tandem Cable Pulleys

The Shuttle Cable (156303) allows more experienced users all the same features as the Shuttle Rope, except where cable is used in place of rope.  Ideal for recreational ziplines, basic challenge courses, as well as your local fire rescue/SAR gear cache.  This light weight, strong and reliable pulley is an upgrade to the Shuttle Rope that utilizes four sealed ball bearings and stainless steel sheaves for efficient performance.  Maximum speed rating is 10 meters per second.


Use: Rope or Cable



Type: Tandem / Inline



Axle:Stainless Steel



Bearing: Stainless Steel



Material: Aluminum Frame



Finish: Anodized



Dimensions: 4.25” x 3.21” x 1.07”



Weight: 8 oz (227g)



Max. Rope: 1/2” (13mm)



Sheave: 1.37” Stainless Steel



3 Sigma MBS: 26kN 5,845 lbf



Made In USA




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