Revo Liquid Pulley

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Revo Liquid Pulley

Omega Pacific Revo Liquid Pulley 

Designed for water rescue, the Revo Liquid features sealed ball bearings that deliver smooth, consistent action. The light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum side plates are designed with flow-through lightening holes to reduce aquaplaning in the rapids. They have unique features, including
a wide base that minds prusik capture, and a slim profile to reduce snagging in a moving rope system. Topside, our oversized attachment point supports multiple carabiner connections and allows locking mechanisms to easily pass through.

Weight— 6.4 oz /181.4 gm
Length— 4.12 in / 104.6 mm
Width— 3.00 in / 76.2 mm
Depth— 1.32 in /33.5 mm
Sheave Diameter— 50.8 mm, 2.0 in
For use with ropes up to 1/2” (12.7mm)
MBS— 34 kN (7,644 lbf)

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