Revo Ice Pulley

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Omega Pacific Revo Ice Pulley

Omega Pacific Revo Ice Pulley 

Designed for Mountaineering and glacier travel emergencies- the REVO Ice excels at hauling or rigging the classic rescuer’s 3:1 system. This economical design is lightweight, yet compact: excellent for everyday use at home, work, camp or cabin. Crafted with anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
side plates that rotate for easy in line rope installation. This prusik-minded “micro” pulley is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at a scant 1.8 oz.

Weight— 1.8 oz /51 gm
Length— 2.62 in / 66.5 mm
Width— 1.76 in / 44.7 mm
Depth— 1.08 in /27.4 mm
Sheave Diameter— 25.4 mm, 1.0 in
For use with ropes— up to 1/2” (12.7mm)
MBS— 22 kN (4,946 lbf)

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