Revo Compact Pulley

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The Omega Pacific Revo Compact Pulley is built with rugges aluminum and stainless steel. The Revo Compact Pulley is designed for hauling, lowering, raising, and rescue. The pulley is prusik-miding with a stainless steel wheel that rides on a self-lubricating bushing that needs no maintenance.

Omega Pacific Revo Compact Pulley

Built with rugged aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, the REVO Compact Pulley is designed for hauling, lowering, raising and rescue purposes. The Compact is prusik-minding with a stainless steel wheel that rides on a self-lubricating bushing that needs no maintenance. This classic design is CE Certified and weighs only 78g, making it a perfect component to a glacier rescue kit or for hauling up the pig on big routes. Use with 10mm and smaller ropes.

Weight— 2.75 oz /78 gm
Length— 2.99 in / 76 mm
Width— 2.28 in / 58 mm
Depth— .90 in /23 mm
Sheave Diameter— 1.16 in /29.5 mm
For use with ropes up to 3/8” (10 mm)
MBS— 22 kN (4,946 lbf)
Certified to— CE

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