Poseidon Alpha Super Duty Runners

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Poseidon Alpha Super Duty Runners

Rock-N-Rescue Poseidon Alpha Super Duty Runners 

These new super duty twin loop runners are a multi-purpose tool. They may be used as anchor slings, hose grab tools, to secure smoke ejectors, as stirrups in personal ascending systems, to drag equipment, to secure ladders and as a tether between rescuer and victim. Runners are made of 1″ woven nylon 9,800 lb. webbing and are sewn with nylon thread. Weight will vary with length - 1.7 oz. per foot of finished length. Made in the U.S.A.

  • End to End MBS: 8,000 lbf. (35.5 kN)
  • Girth Hitch Configuration MBS: 8,400 lbf (37.3 kN)
  • Basket Hitch Configuration MBS: 15,000 lbf. (66.7 kN)
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