Optical Dynamics OD40mm Illuminator

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Optical Dynamics OD40mm Illuminator

Optical Dynamics OD40mm Illuminator

The new OD40 is a long distance illuminator that projects a true collimated, focused beam of high definition light that has been created specifically for object and target identification. It creates a crisp, clean, clear, focused circle of light at long distances.

Light Nothing You Have Seen Before.

Optical Dynamics light projection technology puts you in control. The adjustable focused beam of light is infinitely brighter, doesn't fade or disperse, doesn't leave dark spots and doesn't reflect back into your eyes to negatively affect your vision. It gives your natural eyesight the ability to function at its best without adverse reaction to reflected light. The OD40 is energy efficient and more effective than any other target-illuminating device on the market.

Optical Dynamics engineers have developed a revolutionary, patented photonics technology called CALS. This Collimated Amplified Lens System was engineered to truly project visibly harmonized light without the use of reflectors or diffusers. CALS combines specially engineered multi-coated precision lenses of the highest quality never before used in a light projection device for the outdoorsman. The system effectively captures 100% of the light generated from its efficient LED source and projects a harmonious, narrow, adjustable column of pure light that clearly illuminates your target. No light is wasted, sprayed, or reflected back to illuminate the user.

A Tough Precision Instrument.

The OD40 is compact, lightweight and easy to handle, carry, or mount onto a scope or rail with an optional mount. It weighs just 14 ounces with the two included CR123A batteries that provide constant operation up to 100 minutes. Its XM-L2 CREE LED and dual battery power source delivers 650 lumens to the lenses that make up the CALS system. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, the Optical Dynamics OD40 is shockproof and resistant to water and momentary submersion. It measures just 8-1/2 inches long and is less than two-inches in diameter at its widest point.

It's Not a Flashlight.

Unlike flashlights that reflect an uncontrolled diffused light, the OD40 projects a pure column of light that is measured in Field of View (FOV). Its illuminated focused FOV is 27 feet at 50 yards and 108 feet at 200 yards. The illuminated surface areas created by Optical Dynamics are conducive for use as night-vision in hunting situations. The OD40 optimizes the naked eye's natural vision by supplying a target identification distance of up to 150 yards without lighting up the entire field. When used in conjunction with a scope the target identification distance increases by 33%.

Standard Includes: Case, OD40, Red and Green lenses, and cleaning cloth

Kit Includes: Case, OD40, Red and Green lenses, finger actuator, mounting hardware and cleaning cloth


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    Optical Dynamics OD 40

    Posted by Mark on 27th Oct 2017

    The last ten years has been amazing in terms of flashlight and portable lighting technology. The LED has made lights brighter, more efficient, more portable- in nearly every conceivable way flashlights have become better than anything that was comparable from two or three decades ago. I picked up the OD40 more out of curiosity than need. I’ve got several great lights and didn’t need it, but you know… The images in the advertisements that I saw were like nothing I’ve seen- in a flashlight. It honestly looked like a theater spotlight than any flashlight I’d ever seen. The wheels began to turn and want became need. You know what happened next. Cut to the chase- Night came and I found my way to some dark places. A modest sized pond was my first stop. There was an unobstructed view of about 100-110 yards across the pond with a tree line up the bank. True to the advertisement, what I saw was a bright white perfect circle of light. It was about 12-14 yards in diameter at this distance and it lit up the space amazingly well. No animals were venturing out that night, but each leaf that moved in the breeze was clearly detectable. While it became obvious that this was not a general use flashlight, the specific applications started to roll through my mind. Of course, night hunters would find this light useful. I don’t hunt. But I do volunteer at my county’s S&R team. A light, that I bought out of curiosity, that is powerful enough to reach far out, clear enough to provide focused light in a specific area, and handy enough to add to any kit, went from a novelty to essential in the click of a switch. I want to make a tripod mount for it so I can use it on my tripod, or mount it to an UTV upright bar. Everyone in my S&R team is looking for these now.