Harken Powerseat Battery Version

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Harken Powerseat Battery Version



The Harken Industrial™ Battery PowerSeat unveils new possibilities in enclosed and confined space rope access and rescue. The Battery PowerSeat quietly delivers a powerful 300 kilogram (661 lb) hoist capability with controlled sensitivity to perform the most delicate rescues, or precise maneuvering of materials and components for installation or maintenance. Developed specifically for rope access and winching applications, it provides a lightweight, prolonged usage, powered ascender and utility winch. The Battery PowerSeat operates comfortably in both outdoor and indoor environments where engine emissions are restricted. It provides a level of operator safety and comfort that directly increases productivity and efficiency. Battery life (in optimum conditions) allows approximately 550 m (1804') of travel with a 125 kg (276 lb) load. Suitable for blade cleaning, confined space and indoor rope access and rescue applications.


Ascent speed with 120 kg/265 lb load (m/min) 13.5 m/min
Ascent speed with 120 kg/265 lb load (ft/min) 44.3 ft/min
Ascent speed with 300 kg/661 lb load (m/min) 10.8 m/min
Ascent speed with 300 kg/661 lb load (ft/min) 35.4 ft/min
Weight (kg) 19 kg
Weight (lb) 42 lb
Minimum line Ø (mm) 10 mm
Minimum line Ø (in) 3/8 in
Maximum line Ø (mm) 12.7 mm
Maximum line Ø (in) 1/2 in
Safe working load (kN) 3 kN
Safe working load (kg) 300 kg
Safe working load (lb) 660 lb
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