AnExK9 Harness

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AnExK9 Harness

PMI AnExK9 Harness

Vertical lift harness designed to securely raise or lower your working dog out of a helicopter or into a disaster site, without the need for a bulky spreader bar. May also be used to extricate an injured animal; removable pack straps allow animal to be carried by a single person after extraction. 

  • Small - Maximum LS 10.5" - Maximum CC 31" - Small Border Collies, Labs or Golden Retrievers. 
  • Medium - Maximum LS 13" - Maximum CC 35" - Small Shepherds, Large Border Collies, Large Labs or Golden Retrievers 
  • Large - Maximum LS 16" - Maximum CC 40" - Large Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bloodhounds 

LS = Leg Spacing - Measure the leg length between the inside of the front an drear legs on the same side of the dog.
CS = Chest Circumference - Measure the total circumference of the dog's chest. 


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